Me-Made-May Week 2

It’s the end of Week 2 of MMM, so here’s my round up of the week! I’m glad to say I’m much happier this week than last week, although I’ve still identified some big gaps in my wardrobe.


Nettie Bodysuit not blogged

Cotton twill hollyburn skirt blogged here

I probably wont blog this version of the Nettie, but I will say that I LOVE the pattern. I chose a poor fabric (leftover merino-tencel) which is a bit thin and doesn’t have enough vertical stretch. I’m looking forward to making several others in more suitable fabric.



Houndstooth Moneta, blogged here. Double complimented by the receptionists at work, saying they loved the fabric and the dress, “houndstooth never goes out of style”. I totally agree. Mondays and Tuesdays I work at the GP part of Hokianga Hospital.

Lipstick: Soft Coral by Dr. Haushcka (my new “My Lips But Better”)



Gertie’s Shirtwaist Dress, blogged here. I get lots of compliments on this dress. So flattering from the front, so unflattering from the back! Wednesday’s I work in a little clinic with another doctor and a nurse – getting there takes a ferry ride and a half hour drive.

Lipstick: Soft Coral by Dr. Haushcka



Black plantain, blogged here

Blue Leopard skirt, blogged here.

Lipstick: Razzle by NYX

Thursdays I’m in another clinic (across the ferry, but only a 5 minute drive). This town has a higher Pakeha population, most of whom are “retired hippies”, it’s a total contrast to the high Maori population at my Wednesday clinic.



Cotton Scout Tee, blogged here. Would you believe I have another one of these cut out but not sewn, since I made this top.

Red pencil skirt, blogged here.

Lipstick: Venom by Urban Decay.  Doesn’t match the skirt at all but IDGAF, it’s new and I love it

Friday half day! I work at the GP part of the hospital again. Then I spent all evening watching Craftsy classes.



Tiramisu dress, blogged here.

Forgot to take a proper photo, but luckily Mr. Guy took some photos of me cutting out a new skirt. I don’t wear this out very much because I don’t think it’s very flattering, but I wear it as a sort of loungewear. I’m not afraid to get covered in flour or similar while I’m wearing it.



Black Mabel Skirt, blogged here

Floral La Sylphide Top, not yet blogged

Lipstick: Razzle by NYX, again. Nice formula and looks goood. I love lipstick.

Today was a Golf Day fundraiser for the health center. Mr. Guy and I were planning on entering with another doctor and his wife, but for some reason we just didn’t. We went along to hang out with two med students and their boyfriends who were playing.

Gaps Identified So Far

  • Loungewear! Need some leggings, trackpants, and I reeeeaally need to make myself a cozy hoodie – I always pinch Mr. Guy’s but it’s way too bit and not really that cozy. Plus I can’t push the sleeves up to my elbows which is annoying. I just need to decide between the Papercut or Seamster hoodie patterns.
  • Cardigans – I already knew about this one, tried to remedy it and failed. I just need to find a nice cardigan pattern I think, then I can use a heap of merino to make up lots of cardigans in different colours. At the moment I have only three, one of which has a cuff almost completely fallen off.
  • Jerseys – just warm stuff, basically! As winter approaches I need to keep warm
  • I need more than one belt =/
  • More undies

MMM ’14 week one: fail

So, I started off Me Made May by.. completely forgetting about it. I did wear me-made items on Thursday (because I basically always do), but I forgot to take pictures like I had planned. On Saturday I totally failed, because I didn’t leave the house once – obviously I’m lacking in me-made lounge wear because I didn’t get out of my trackpants and singlet top. I did wear a me-made hoodie of Mr. Guy’s but… no photos. What a freaking idiot.


I thought about recreating Thursdays outfit but that seemed kind of lame, but I wore this dress, minus the bow.


I also wore my handmade bra – and have disovered that I made the underwires too narrow, resulting in them sittin on breast tissue which I’m sure you’re aware is EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it apart and start again with leftover fabrics.


Circle Skirt, not yet blogged. I hate it and wore it so I could get it out of the way.

Afternoon Blouse blogged here


Traaaackpants (not made by me)



Deer & Doe Chataigne shorts blogged here. These shorts are not good for running in (we took the dog for a walk and decided to run back to the car).


So I’m not sure why I stuffed up so badly. I wear me-made clothes ALL THE TIME. Aside from the obvious fact that I need more loungewear, I think the problem is that I’ve come to see it as a “competition”. I don’t like competitions because I’m super competitive. I’ll endeavour to do better, because it’s not like anyone else cares, and the main reason I’m blogging it is because I like to see what other bloggers wear again, and how they style them differently.