Crazy (comfortable) Dog Lady: the Carolyn Pajamas

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m showing you my first entry* for our Crazy Dog Lady challenge. This one wasn’t even planned for, but it was just One Of Those Things. First, Heather released her Carolyn Pajama Pattern. Then I went to Spotlight (after Siobhan‘s comment I remembered that you can get some nice stuff there) and found this dog-patterned flannel for $4/m.

*Obviously I can’t actually enter to win any prizes – boo! But you guys know that there are prizes, right? See here and here for more details, and SO many thanks to our sponsors – Riley Blake Designs, Grey’s Fabrics, Sewaholic Patterns, By Hand London, BlueGingerDoll, nettimadeit, MrZhuo, Kerso, Michael Levine inc, and G Marie Sews.

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Loungewear by Papercut

During Me Made May I really noticed a lack of loungewear¬†in my wardrobe. I didn’t really have any clothes I could slouch around in, and I have this idea that I shouldn’t “waste” a great outfit if i’m not leaving the house, so I don’t want to wear my pretty stuff. When¬†Papercut Patterns released their three new patterns (and re-released a few older patterns), I was initially disappointed until I realised that these kinds of pattern are exactly what I’ve been missing!

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