Asstronaut t-shirt

Back in 2005 (my 6th form) I was lucky enough to go on a school trip to Space Camp, in Alabama. It was, as you can imagine, pretty darned awesome – except that we had to wake up at 6am, eat sugar-laden breakfasts (the cereal with the least sugar was Lucky Charms, and I had to pick all the goddamn marshmellows out), and we didn’t go to bed until 11pm. This meant that I was too tired to listen to all the actually interesting lectures, and I fell asleep while we were listening to the sun.

Photo is mid-2012 at a friends Space themed party. I love any excuse to wear my NASA jumpsuit

We had a gang of us that roamed around the campus making trouble; Paris, Jamie, Will and I. We were Team Felch (please don’t look up what that means; it’s gross and we were teenagers who thought it was hilarious). We got velcro badges made up to stick on our space jumpsuits (pictured above); I can’t remember what the others were, but I was the Ass-tronaut.

Which takes us to this top – made from New Look 6808, a basic woven t-shirt with several variations.


I made a muslin of this top and only had to change a few things – and I still need to give myself a bit more room in the behind. I’m still not 100% sure how to do this without everything looking like a peplum, but hey, I’ll work it out.

http://tworandomwords.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/p1040489.jpgMy bum isn’t that bumpy IRL; I have elastic and a double needle in my pocket.

Not much else to say about the pattern – it’s nice, easy, and will be my go-to woven shirt pattern. I have some red drapey polyester that I bought to make sleeves like variation D, before I even knew this pattern existed.


I’ll leave you with this wonderful picture, provoked by my husband telling me to stop having so much fun: