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I’m Sophie-Lee, a 25 year old Nelsonian living in Wellington with my husband (Mr Guy), cat Travis, and our three chickens Grunhilda, Pearl and Faucet. I’m a doctor but spend almost all of my free time sewing, or thinking about sewing.

I first learnt how to sew at school with a polyester windsock which I cut a hole in with the overlocker; a layered gathered skirt and a hideous teal shiny skirt with beaded hem trim. Skip forward 5 years and my mother gave me a sewing machine for my 18th birthday. Since then I’ve been learning as I go, making some glorious f**k-ups and some pretty nice outfits.

Since moving to Wellington in November 2012 I have stepped up my sewing significantly, to the point that I can now proudly say I sew almost all of my clothes, and haven’t bought new RTW since June.

I’d love to hear from you, either by commenting on the blog or email me on tworandomwordsblog@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Sophie-Lee

    I just read your post about the dress you made after all those night shifts!!!!! I am inspired. I get what you say. Sewing can be soul destroying!!!!! I’ve been sewing for a lot longer than you and I SO SO struggle with fit. And like you, the dress that I made AFTER I’d spent hours making a toile was the worst fitting dress I’ve ever made!!!! I put it straight in the garbage.

    But we keep going……we are addicts! And let me tell you, your dress looks beautiful……it really does. I think we judge our own work too harshly.

    Anyway, I am not quite sure how I happened upon your blog but I will follow you. Oh, and I’m not sure I’ve given you the right address for mine…….it is called Pillow Parlance and is on wordpress.


    • It’s funny and sad, that sometimes the garments we put the most effort into are the nes we like the least (like my attempt at the Pavot Coat – I did bound seams and bound buttonholes and I HATED IT, couldn’t wait to get it out of my sight).

  2. Ki-Ora Sophie-Lee!
    I found your blog though the Curvy Sewing Colective and I was so excited to read you are from NZ! I’m a kiwi girl living in the states and miss home terribly at times. I grew up in the Hutt valley and miss my windy Wellington!
    I see you have been rtw free for a while now, that’s great. If I could get a good TNT for pants life would be much easier, while I may look great chasing my kiddos in skirts and dresses just isn’t always feasible. I am working on more flattering tops though to help. Looking forward to reading more of you here and CSC.

    • I only left New Zealand for 3 months (in 2012) and I missed it, must be hard properly living overseas!

      I’ve been completely RTW free for about 16 months except for two pairs of pants (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans), because pants are hard and I needed a pair – the jeans I got look pretty darn good on me (for jeans). But one day I hope I can get a well fitting pants pattern!! And yes – tops to go with pants, I’m so used to wearing well fitted tops that I didn’t realise I need something else for pants.

  3. I have recently resumed dressmaking after a long break. I have read your blog with interest. Have you discovered StyleArc patterns, from Melbourne Australia? They have great, industry based, well drafted patterns. I have found their pants patterns exceptional.

    • I have seen them and have heard that they’re good, but havn’t found any of their patterns that I really want, AND my measurements span 4 of their sizes which would make it very difficult to fit seeing as you only get one size.

  4. Hi – I have just started following your blog. I loved your latest makes of Tasia’s! My aim this year is to make ALL my own clothes – with having ended last year with Ginger jeans that I am extremely proud of! I’ve been sewing again for the last 2 years after a 15 year break being disillusioned with sewing patterns but have discovered indie patterns, yay. My next project is the Watson bra. I noticed you asked cloth habit a question re supplies and wondered if you had any luck sourcing supplies in NZ? I am a NZer living in Ingill where we only have Spotlight and getting anything from overseas is exorbitant! Can You help me please if you have found anywhere in NZ for plush back elastic or Bra hardware or also the fabric for lining the bra? Thanks so much if you can help.

    • Argh I feel your pain about sewing notions!!! I can HIGHLY recommend Made on Marion, they’re a Wellington store owned by Maryanne (http://sentfrommyiron.blogspot.com/) and her husband David, who are both amazing. They have some products on etsy (http://www.mademarioncraft.co.nz/products/) but not all, so easiest to do is just to ring them.

      In saying that, I think they have the elastics and underwires, but no bra lining. I’ve been wondering about getting some stuff online (hook & eyes, rings and sliders, powernet, lining) – would you be interested in going in on a bulk buy? If so, email me on tworandomwordsblog@gmail.com and I will look into it! Otherwise you can buy bras from op shops and take them apart.

      Otherwise – YAY for getting back into sewing! I realised yesterday that I have been RTW free (except for 2 pairs of pants last year, 1 bra and a couple of undies) for 20 months!

  5. Hi – I just found your blog through The Curvy Sewing Collection and love it. I learned to sew over 50 years ago and have all the same fit issues you talk about. I love your term faux swayback. I have it. Tried sewing me clothes in my twenties but was so unhappy with the outcome I gave it up. Not that RTW fits any better. Fast forward to now and I have decided to tackle it again with Craftsy. I am working my way through Suzy Furrer’s classes and determined to figure this fit thing out. I do believe the holy grail is in the Bodice sloper. I made the moulage in the Bodice Sloper class and used that to make my dress form with Judy Jackson (crafts, Customize your dress form) and it worked like a charm. Once I get the bodice sloper nailed I will be able to get the fit I want. I think your clothes are wonderful and so playful. I cannot believe how productive your are, do you have a 48 Hour day in NZ or do you have a team of elves living in your attic? Sew On…..

    • Hi Suzanne! I totally agree about the sloper – okay, I haven’t actually got around to making mine yet, but I still use the drafting tools in her other clases to alter patterns and I really look forward to doing some more advanced stuff once I get around to all the maths of the sloper. What a good idea of turning that into the dress form! And yes, I’m a huge fan of Craftsy, I’ve watched quite a number of them!

      I think at the moment it’s a lack of other responsibilities – no kids yet, no big garden to work on, just me and my sewing in my spare time (and I have a lot more of that now that I’m a GP rather than a hospital doctor)

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