Old projects: Sleeveless Granville

Ugh. I have been slack, haven’t I? Not only have I not been sewing recently, I haven’t been blogging about the few garments I have sewn, or old projects that I hadn’t blogged about. I’ll try and remedy that in the next few weeks! Starting off with a sleeveless blouse I made in, err, April. Even the photos were taken in April!

As far as I can remember (seriously, 6 months ago! Naughty) this was made pretty much exactly as my suitcases blouse, except I added a bit more ease in the bust. It’s made from a cotton voile bought from The Fabric Store making it perfect for warmer days.

It is very slightly sheer, which means I tend to wear a singlet top under it – you may be able to see where the top of my pants stop.

In terms of construction, I went all out on this one – mainly because this was going to be my entry for The Monthly Stitch’s “Inside Out” month.. The collar and button plackets are interfaced with silk organza – I LOVE this stuff for light-weight shirts, and I’ve found that using a spray-adhesive makes it almost foolproof. The seams are done with french seams, and the armscyes and hem is finished with bias binding.

In terms of fit – to me this one looks pretty darn good, but since drafting my bodice sloper I’ve found there are some really big differences between the Granville and my bodice sloper, mainly to do with the upper chest and where the waist sits. I’ve been working on a similar shirt from the sloper and will try and get some shots to show what I mean, along with a comparison with another one or two patterns that I’ve previously fitted.

It fits so well when I hold it like this!

Other than that, I don’t really have much to say. Hope you’re all doing well!


Pattern: Sewaholic Granville

Fabric: Cotton voile from The Fabric Store, $18

Notions: Thread and buttons, stash. Silk organza approx. $4

Total: $22

11 thoughts on “Old projects: Sleeveless Granville

  1. Well I love this pattern and I love it sleeveless, so I am biased, but this color and the details are great. I will need to try that silk organza next time to improve my collars and button plackets, they always come out a little funny looking.
    Thanks for sharing this great work. (but now I feel I must have my own brick Granville, and that was not in my plans! :-) )

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