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You know how, every once in a while, you see a style/pattern that you had previously discounted and suddenly think “yes!”? And the more you look at it, and different versions of it, the more you want it? That happened to me about two months ago with the Papercut Coppelia wrap cardigan. But while there is many, many beautiful versions of it (this is probably my favourite), I also read some complaints about the fit, particularly around the sleeves (see here for an example).

So instead of spending the extra money (which I’ve been trying not to do, since we have a mortgage now) and faffing about with the fit, why not try and alter a pattern I already had that fit well, to match the style?

I decided to do the opposite of what Kat did to her Coppélia cardi here, and turn the Gillian wrap dress by Muse Patterns into a wrap cardigan. I already knew it fit well, having made it twice before (here and here), and looked good – I get a lot of compliments when wearing those dresses!

Basically, I followed the instructions except for where it came time to attach the waistband to the top and the skirt, I just used the instructions for the skirt portion (which leaves one long edge of the tie finished cleanly). This means I do have the gap in the waistband for the tie to pass through, but if I was to do it again I probably wouldn’t bother with that, particular if I was using merino again – there isn’t much point because it could as easily just cross over, but it does make the waistband a little less stable (only being attached by ~1cm at the very bottom).

Using this pattern instead of buying a new one also means I get the extra gathered yoke pieces, which I’m quite the fan of. The only real problem I’ve come across with the top is that a lot of my dresses seem to gape a bit at the neckline (for a variety of reasons), and the wrap style of cardigan accentuates that, so I don’t want to wear this with every dress in my wardrobe. Hopefully with my sloper I’ll eliminate that gaping and this style will work much better from here on out.

As mentioned above, I made this out of a grey merino wool from my stash. I think I might have bought this originally for a t-shirt for Mr. Guy, but as happens often, the plans I had when I bought the fabric doesn’t always come to fruition, and I get something else instead. I’m not very much of a planner!

It’s quite lightweight, which makes me think it’s happier being a wrap cardigan than a t-shirt anyway :)

You’ll have to excuse the photos – it’s been hard making the time to take photos (this cardigan was made about 6 weeks ago – I haven’t been doing much sewing recently), as it’s either grey and miserable, or if it’s sunny then I’m out mucking around in the garden (you can see the compost bins and one of the raised beds in the back – with my rows of garlic). I also couldn’t find the camera charger so Mr. Guy took these photos on his phone.

It was also, err, very bright, leading to photos like this (because it was hard to keep my eyes open!):

And even sillier ones like this, because I’m so happy it’s finally spring (and my giant magnolia tree is just starting to bloom):

So there we have it. I’m very pleased with the outcome of this cardi – it looks really good with my fit and flare dresses, which I have plenty of, and which I’ll no doubt make plenty more of.


Pattern: Gillian wrap dress by Muse Patterns

Fabric: Grey merino from stash from The Fabric Store, probably ~$40

Notions: Thread and interfacing for shoulder seams, stash

Total: $40

So what are your thoughts? Have you ever tried the ol’ pattern switcheroo? Honestly my main thoughts now that i’ve finished writing this is “I should really make another Gillian wrap dress”! Maybe in a solid colour. And either in merino, or a more summery fabric (if I can find something suitable).

16 thoughts on “Muse – Gillian Wrap cardigan

    • You know it’s a good pattern for you when you’ve made it four times! I think this is my third time for the Gillian pattern, and the only thing holding me back from making more is not having enough knit fabric

  1. Looks pretty good to me. I’m just about to attempt to make a normal skirt pattern into a wrap steampunk skirt. If I can muster my courage.

  2. Awesome! Love the fit and your work! I have actually come very close to using Sew Over It’s vintage shirtdress bodice pattern as a little cropped jacket but went for a vintage Butterick (9730) instead.

  3. It looks lovely Sophie-Lee! I love the gathering and yoke detail, its so pretty. I love my wrap cardi (Coppelia), I should really get around to making another one!

  4. so cute! it looks great on you. I always stay away from cardigans (RTW or made by me), but I always find myself in a need for one. maybe this is the one?

      • I don’t really know. it is just never on my list, or it never look good enough on the hanger (for RTW) or it seems over priced. but then when I’m trying to figure out what to wear on a spring or autumn day I find myself thinking, “hmm if only I had a cardigan right now, it would be perfect”. so maybe making one will be the solution! (I have at least two month till I can sew again due to a move, so my list is getting long and my hands are getting restless!)

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