“Whoops I forgot to name this before I posted it”. A striped Moneta

Happy birthday to me! I’m 27 today, and am celebrating by heading into town to have lunch with my mother, then having my parents over for dinner tonight (Indian curry, which is one of our specialties).

It’s been a busy two months or so, as Mr. Guy and I bought our first home and set about moving in and making it our own – he built a fence (so it’s almost completely dog-proof) and I planted some fruit trees. Hence my absence from the blog, and from sewing in general – I haven’t sewn in about 6 weeks and only unpacked my sewing room yesterday. Luckily I have a bit of a back log of projects I need to post!

You may be able to guess that this is another Colette Monetta dress. What can I say – it’s easy to sew, doesn’t use much fabric, but is crazy comfortable to wear. Win-win-win. As mentioned above, this was made ~2 months ago and photographed at our old flat.

The fabric is a lovely ponte from The Fabric Warehouse, bought in a hurried panic – I had thought the shop opened an hour earlier than it actually did (11), so had to wait outside until it opened, then only had 10-15 minutes to shop before needing to leave for the airport – our check-in was at 11.30 and I’m still amazed that we made it across Wellington in time.

I made a couple of minor changes to the pattern for this dress. Firstly, I changed the neckline to more of a scoop, which I prefer on me, and as usual I raised the back neckline. Instead of turning-and-stitching or using a facing, I created a band like you’d find on a t-shirt.

For the skirt, I made a dirndl-style skirt (rectangle rather than a curved a-line) to avoid getting the sad-face you often find on striped skirts with a shaped waist seam. This also made it easier to hem because the bottom was a straight line, matching the stripes. I put in pockets similar to my last version, where they’re bigger and shaped to be caught in the waist seam so they lie flatter.

I will admit I’m rather pleased at how well I matched the stripes along the side seams, although it annoys me how they angle up at the side of the bodice – I’ll have to have another look at the pattern piece to see if I can fix this. I tried matching the stripes on the sleeves but they seem to be the wrong shape to do that well – has anyone else had more luck with that?

So! That’s that. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to get more photos and finally catch up, as well as settling into my sewing room and creating some more garments – with a new job I often find my fashion habits change and it’ll be interesting to see what I make for work. Do you find the same thing, or does your style evolve for other reasons?


Pattern: Colette Moneta

Fabric: Ponte (rayon/poly/spandex) from The Fabric Warehouse (Gah I miss living in Wellington, just for the fabric shops), $27

Notions: Clear elastic, 50c, thread from stash

Total: $27.50

Do you guys find the cost break down helpful? I’ve done it for a while but I’m never sure if it’s good.


33 thoughts on ““Whoops I forgot to name this before I posted it”. A striped Moneta

  1. Happy Birthday Sophie-Lee, have a great day.
    Keep up the good blogging, I enjoy following them. Best Wishes

  2. Happy birthday Sophie! Your dress looks really good! I love stripes!

    Funny that you mentioned cost breakdown – I had lunch with a sewing friend yesterday and she mentioned your blog and how great it is that you mention the cost of fabric and notions!

  3. Happy birthday, hope you had a great day!

    About fashion and jobs, I do find my style at work changes based on how representative the role is, when I worked as an assistant, I dressed more formally compared to how I dress now in more of a subject matter role.

    I do find the cost break down useful, it seems sewing in New Zealand is a bit more expensive compared to Holland, although I’m not that good at adding up all the little bits and normally only remember what I paid for the fabric.

  4. Happy birthday!!! what a great Moneta. I like what you did with the skirt and great way of describing the sad striping with the original pattern pieces! Looks like it’s going to be very useful, and to quote Amanda, ‘stealth pjs’ !!!
    Scruffy badger recently posted…Barrie Boy Cut Briefs !My Profile

  5. Happy Birthday Sophie :-) The stripes look fantastic – good alterations to meet the challenges of stripes. Oh the things we do for a bit of fabric, although I’ve done that before at FW – who opens at 11am?

  6. Happy birthday!
    Your striped moneta looks great! I love that pattern. I’m up to number 3! Next time I’ll have to try your trick with the stripes though – thanks for the tip! It should also make the hemming easier and sit flatter. Please do continue with including the costing- I’m always interested in what the breakdown is.

  7. Happy birthday! I have been lurking for a while so this seems a good time to finally leave a comment.

    The dress looks great, very comfy.

    I do find the cost breakdowns interesting, I started doing it on my blog and keeping a record on when and where and how much I paid for fabric. It’s not that I am on a hugely tight budget, but I do think it’s interesting to see how much my projects cost and how much I spend. I’m only a sewist to save money, but I do like to see I have clothes that would cost much more as ready-to-wear.

  8. Happy Birthday Sophie!! I love to read your posts but rarely comment.
    I have just bought this pattern and like to read the comments from other sewists on fit, alterations etc before I make something up as it gives an idea of what to expect. Yes the cost breakdown is helpful. I live in Australia and prices are similar so it gives a fair idea of pricing.

    • Thanks Dee! I hope you like the pattern – as you can see I’ve made it a few times and have tweaked it slightly each time. And yep, always good to see how much fabric costs over the ditch – fellow sewers in the USA have it so cheap sometimes!

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