“I’ve Created a Muenster” Burger leggings

Oh migraines, how I loathe thee.  I had grand plans today of finishing my “0 degrees” dress and taking photos of projects I need to blog about already. At midday, however, I started getting that “I can’t see properly out of my left eye” thing that warns me of an impending migraine: I’m lucky enough not to get massive headaches with my migraines, but I do get a nasty aura that leaves me utterly useless, and very sleepy. Now, with the sun dipping below the mountains I’ve missed my chance of photos and all I want to do is go to sleep. Boo.

I did manage to get outside and go for a walk with Mr. Guy and the dog – so was able to take photos of one project. Excuse the less-than-inspired photos, I had a migraine!

This is kind of a repeat from my last post – I meant to mix it up with a few dresses but hey, it aint always up to me.

Like the space leggings this is the Ooh La Leggings pattern from Papercut Patterns.

And in a twist that no one was expecting, they’re made from extremely similar fabrics too! (Am I being too dramatic here? We just watched the film Ex Machina and maybe the suspense-filled music is getting to me). The black fabric is Supplex from Levana (note that Levana has an online store now – it’s mainly merino’s but hopefully will fill with other fabrics too. Their cotton/lycras are lovely and really cheap!), and the bloody FAST FOOD FABRIC is from Funki Fabrics*. Isn’t it amazing?

I’ll admit, I was heavily influenced by other bloggers for these leggings. The idea for the colour blocking originally came from Kathy, and the decision to choose this fabric was inspired by Erin’s ice cream leggings – the idea of exercising in leggings that are covered in fast food gives me a bizarre thrill. Is this irony? (Not a trick question – I’ve seen so many people being told that “that’s not actually irony, dude” that I have no idea how to proclaim something as being ironic).

I actually made these leggings before the space ones – but they appear later because I lost them in a plastic bag. Which was, it turns out, sitting under a pile of clean washing (oops). These ones are more for running whereas the space leggings are more for biking – I wanted the Supplex against my lower back for when I get actually sweaty, and I tend to over heat when running in full length leggings (but when on my bike I want my ankles to be warm).

I also decided to use the Supplex for the yoke panels because a) I didn’t want to have lots of hamburgers cut in half, and b) I wanted to save more of the fabric for something else (not sure what yet – any ideas?).

The other difference is that I edge-stitched/top-stitched all the seams. Which I DO NOT RECOMMEND! The pattern suggets top-stitching the yoke seams, but I thought I’d be clever and top-stitch all the vertical seams as well. And then heard several “pops” when I went to bend over – as Scruffy Badger found out, you definitely need the stretch in those vertical seams! I tried unpicking it but it was too hard (waa) so I ended up just pulling hard on the seams, popping as many stitched as I could and snipping them short – so there are some bits still top-stitched but I don’t care. 

Other than that, these leggings are amazing. Amaze-balls, even. I had lots of compliments on them at work before I got changed into work clothes, and had a few people amazed that I made my own clothing (“Really?” “Yep!” “Wait… actually? Like, all of them?” “Err, yes”). One tip I’ll offer if you make these yourself – mark the back of the pants somehow. The back is different (it’s deeper to allow room for the bum) so you can work it out but it’s so much easier to have a tag rather than staring at them. In this version I cut out the word “gherkins” and stitched it onto the elastic casing.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the hoodie – it’s the Papercut Patterns – Undercover Hood that I made last year. I found that I wasn’t really wearing it so decided to add this Tank Girl patch I’ve had lying around for ages – and subsequently have worn it a LOT more. Although that may have more to do with the dropping temperatures than the patch.


Pattern: Ooh La Leggings from Papercut Patterns

Fabric: Supplex from Levana ($10) and Lycra from Funki Fabrics (free)

Notions: Elastic from Cordall’s $1, thread (stash)

Total: $11

In other news, we move next weekend! Into our first home, so this time we’re going to be staying in one place for a long time. I’m already planning the garden accordingly: my daydreams now consist of blackboy peaches, asparagus and avocado trees rather than glorious fabrics.

So I now need to ask: have you got any ideas of what else to make with this awesome fabric? I got a metre in total and used up probably 40x80cm of it. I really do find that funky exercise gear that makes me happy, makes me more likely to exercise!

*This fabric was given to me free of charge in exchange for posting about the items I made. You can see my review of the fabric here.

**And if you were wondering, the title is from Bob’s Burgers. Such a good show!

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