Raspberry V Moneta

Dear Diary: today, I made a dress.

Okay, I actually made it yesterday – but I’ve never been one for diaries.

I’ve had this raspberry* coloured ponte in my stash for about 9 months – initially bought to make basically this exact dress, but stashed because it would have been way OTT to wear with my pink hair, and didn’t really suit the orange. Now that I’m almost back to my “normal” hair colour, I thought it was only fair that I made it.

* Colours are weird. I was saying something about this raspberry red dress and – “isn’t it purple?” said Mr. Guy. “Um, yeah. But I think the colour is still called raspberry red/pink”. See this great post from Maria of Lost in a Spotless Mind, the first in a series on colour.

I don’t really have much to say about it. The base pattern is Colette Moneta (made four times already – see here, here and here. That purple one gets worn once a week, and the merino/black ones are eagerly awaiting the return of cold weather before they get worn again). I decided to change the neckline from the scoop neck to a V-neck – I did this by just laying the Sewaholic Renfrew and cutting out that neckline instead, including raising up the back neckline. I also added the binding from the Renfrew.

I was also able to get hold of some clear elastic, finally, which really is a hang of a lot better for this pattern than regular elastic as it keeps the waist feeling a lot firmer – my previous versions liked to sag in the back, particularly. I do still find it a bit tricky to get an even gather and I had to unpick it in a couple of spaces so there wasn’t areas with no gathers.

I’m also wondering if it’s worth making the back skirt a bit bigger so the waist is as gathered as the front, but I probably won’t. And a note to myself next time: make the hem 1.5-2″ rather than 1″. This is just a touch too long, especially in a heavy ponte.

Sometimes I will sacrifice pockets for a nicer silhouette on the hips (I did this on a skirt I made on Friday) but in these sorts of knit dresses, I like the comfort of pockets even if they stick out a bit.

I’m really enjoying sewing a mix of knits and wovens at the moment – more structured garments, and the softer, often easier to wear knits. I do need to build up my knit wardrobe though, and almost everything I have left is only enough for tops or underpants.


Pattern: Colette – Moneta

Fabric: Cotton/poly/spandex ponte from The Fabric Warehouse, 1.5m = $24

Notions: Thread and interfacing for the shoulders, stash. Clear elastic, $0.50

Total: $24.50


22 thoughts on “Raspberry V Moneta

    • If you haven’t made it yet, you DEFINITELY should – it’s pretty quick to sew up and you have a very high chance of getting a cute, super comfortable dress out of it ^_^

  1. Such a gorgeous colour on you. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who has trouble with the gathering on this pattern. I am envious of you warm weather though …. It’s absolutely freezing on this side of the world!

    • We had rain for the first time in a month yesterday, which was very well received by the farmers and our water tanks! It has been lovely though.

      And, yes! IT seems like it should be so easy but I always have problems gathering fabric evenly, especially with elastic like this.
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Raspberry V MonetaMy Profile

  2. Great dress; I am terrified of making things out of knit fabrics, so very much in awe of the neatness of this dress. Looks very comfy.

    • Oh don’t be terrified! The hardest part is the cutting out, and if you get a nice stable fabric (e.g. a double knit like ponte) then it’s much easier. Definitely worth getting into!

    • This is actually to warm to wear here at the moment! It was raining over the weekend (first time in a month, yay for our water tanks) and I “accidentally” made a bunch of stuff that’s better suited for autumn than summer. Whoops
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Raspberry V MonetaMy Profile

  3. That dress/color looks pretty on you. Raspberry is one of my favorite colors. I don’t like purple much. Tell Mr. Guy it’s raspberry, not purple. :)

  4. I love this colour and I was just about to say how much I like the slightly longer length when I read that you weren’t so keen! I think that length is lovely and makes it look a bit more luxurious. You look gorgeous :)

    • THANK YOU Rosie! I do love the longer length in general – feels classy and I think it balances my height nicely (or, makes me look taller? Anyway, I like it. And I have to have things past my knees because they look weird, haha) but this one feels just a tiny touch too long. Bizarrely, the backs of my knees have learned where my ideal hem sits!

  5. I’m back to my regular dark brown hair after having pink, then purple, and while I miss the fun colors, it’s a relief to not worry about wearing too much pink or too much purple all the time – a real danger for me!

    I think raspberry is the perfect word for your Moneta, and the color (by whatever name) looks great on you. Comfy knit dresses are the best!
    Gina recently posted…The Autumn of 1000 Shirtdresses: McCalls 6696My Profile

  6. Thank you for linking to my blog post, darling! I, too, would call that a raspberry pink, it’s one of my absolute favourite colours. As for the dress itself, well, it’s fantastic and suits you SO WELL. This makes me wish I wasn’t so (inexplicably) afraid of sewing with knits, because your version of the Moneta might be The Dream Dress Of All Everyday Dresses™.
    Maria recently posted…Comprehending Colour: the basicsMy Profile

  7. Apparently women can see many more shades of pink/red than men…could explain Mr Guys problem as that dress is definitely raspberry pink! I was delighted to find another nz sewists blog : )

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