Copy Kat: Gillian wrap dress by Muse Patterns

When does inspiration go too far? When you 100% copy someone else’s dress. May I present, my Copy Kat dress:

The lighting may be different, and my wrap goes the wrong way, but yep – that’s the exact same fabric!

The pattern is the Gillian wrap dress, the second pattern by Wellington company Muse Patterns. It features gathered yokes at the shoulders (front and back) and a separate waist band, seen here in contrasting fabric. The pattern includes three different sleeve lengths (long, 3/4, and short) and 3 different skirt lengths (long, above-knee, and top/peplum).

I made mine with the 3/4 sleeve, and the long skirt, although I lengthened mine by 6cm. I’m rather tall (178cm) and have to add length to almost every pattern I’ve used – and I’ve worked out over the years that 70cm is the ideal length for skirts – so all I do is measure from the waist and add as much as I need, without having to hold the pattern up to myself.

I also did contrasting fabric for the yokes and bands – partly for the sake of it, partly because the pattern is so busy already and I wanted to highlight them, and partly because if I’m copying something I should copy it properly, right?

I made the pattern in a size 38 (my high bust measurement), grading out to a size 44 at the hips, and it seems to fit really well. I could probably do with the neckband being a touch shorter so that the wrap sits under my bust rather than over it.

Mainly this photo is about me lamenting my lack of cleavage

It all went together pretty well – it took a few minutes to work out how the waistband worked (it’s done in such a way that the hole through which the tie passes is nicely enclosed, rather than having a raw edge turned and stitched) but it was worth it – I love that it’s all nicely finished without facings, which I dislike on knit garments.

The neckband is drafted shorter than the bodice neckline, which helps reduce gaping. Mine could do with tightening up a bit, but still doesn’t gape, see:

The fabric is a polyester and something blend – I didn’t write it down because, given that I almost never buy synthetics, fabric content is usually easy to remember (either wool/merino, cotton, silk or viscose). It has a spongy texture, kind of like a soft towelling? Which really just means that it feels like a big towel robe like the ones you get at fancy hotels. The contrasting black fabric is a plain cotton/lycra knit.

I’m pretty darn happy with this dress! You know it’s good when the first thing Mr. Guy says when he sees it is, “that’s a nice dress, do you like it?”. And there seems to be some sort of wizardry going on, either with the pattern or Mr Guy’s photography, because I look SLIM in these photos – especially when you compare with how I looked in the last post. WIZARDRY: also known as, well fitting clothes.

I will mention that the yardage suggestions on the pattern are very generous – you’ll notice that, because of all the different variations, Kat has only listen the amount needed for the largest size sewing the longest sleeves and skirt. That places the dress at needing 3.1m – I bought 3m, I think, and I have 1m leftover (keeping in mine I used contrasting fabric for the ties, and that I had to recut one bodice front because of a mistake).

This dress also fits in really well with both the Wrap Dress Sewalong going on at the Curvy Sewing Collective, and Frocktober which is happening at The Monthly Stitch. Are you taking part in either?


Pattern: Gillian dress by Muse Patterns

Fabric: Polyester blend from The Fabric Warehouse, $28

Notions: Thread, from stash.

Total: $28

22 thoughts on “Copy Kat: Gillian wrap dress by Muse Patterns

  1. I may be a little bit biased because I just made and posted about this same dress and love mine, but not so biased that I can’t recognize the awesomeness on you! Well done, Sophie … you look amazing. :-)

  2. This is the first wrap dress pattern I really like. Most of them are not my cup of tea, but this one looks great.
    And you did a nice job, looks super comfy but well dressed at the same time.

  3. This dress is SO flattering on you! I love it! I just got this pattern and I meant to work on it this weekend, but time got away from me. After seeing your post though, I feel like I need it NOW so I think I’ll start on it this afternoon! Thanks for sharing the review.

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