Muse patterns: Jenna Cardi. I am in love!

Disclaimer: I was a tester for this pattern. The final pattern was provided to me free of charge and I also know the designer in real life. All opinions expressed are my own.

So, I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit for a while. I tried doing it last winter, kind of enjoyed it, then got side tracked. To be honest, I’m a really impatient person – I constantly have to remember to slow down, be patient etc. So with knitting, I wanted all these cute cropped cardigans sooo badly, but the thought of it taking 50 hours to make one, or even longer because I’m a beginner, was just really off-putting. I couldn’t find any good sewing patterns for what I wanted – I tried making my own but it didn’t work. So I resigned myself to actually learning to knit, or paying someone to knit for me.

And then… Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes designed this pattern. Probably because she was sick of all my whining on the WSBN facebook group, she asked me to test it out for her.

And this is it, guys: true love.

Oh, and I dyed my hair pink.

Muse – Jenna Cardigan

The pattern is described as a “fitted, round neck, button-up cardigan with two length options (hip or waist length), three sleeve options (long, 3/4, or short), and optional shoulder yoke detailing” and I’m going to end up with hundreds of these. It’s basically everything I wanted in a cardigan: cropped length with a waistband, 3/4 sleeves, quick to make up (this took me 1 hour to make), opportunity to use cute buttons. Of course there’s also the longer version, and the different sleeve lengths, and the *gorgeous* shoulder yoke.

I actually made a few versions of this during testing, as I found it tricky to find the right size for me. I made it first using the appropriate size for my bust, and found it too big. Thinking it was the lightweight merino I had used, I made another heavier version – same problem. Then I lay down an existing cardigan that fit me well and worked out that I should be making it several sizes smaller – I like me some negative ease, and while it’s a bit too small in the front, this size is pretty good.

I really am so so happy with this pattern – as I mentioned, it’s my ideal cardigan, but I can make it in an hour with much less cost than buying yarn – this cardigan cost me $10 in merino! And since making it a fortnight ago I’ve worn it about 8 times. I’d wear it almost every day if I could get away with it – obviously I need to make more!

Changes I Made

  • Made it three sizes smaller than the suggested size. Kat has since adjusted the sizing chart to include 2″ of negative ease in the bust.

Changes I’ll make next time

  • Add fabric in the center front. It fits me in the shoulders/back with some gaping at the front, so I’ll just add an inch to the entire front seam on either size
  • Make the yoked version, obviously. And the other variations, every one of them.

In these photos the shoulders look like they’re way off. I’m wearing it right now and the shoulder seams hit me and the exact right spot, so I think most of the pulling is due to me hurriedly pulling it on to get some photos before the sun disappeared.

Another bonus is that the pattern goes up to a 48″ bust, and if you like a bit more negative ease you could make this if you have a 50″ bust as well. And, although I don’t want to extrapolate too much, but you could probably make it a lot bigger by adding to the center front or back (if the shoulders fit you well).


Pattern: Jenna Cardigan from Muse Patterns – use the code CUPCAKES for 20% off until September 6th, NZ time (enter the code during the Paypal bit)

Fabric: 1m merino from The Fabric Store, $10

Notions: Buttons, $1 (from an op shop)

Total: $11

Oh, and my hair? I’ve been thinking of going pink again for a while now (yes, “again” – I had coloured hair for several years from ages 16-21. I actually met Mr. Guy when I had pink dreadlocks). I decided to take some time off work before I start my specialty training and thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so – I have the occasional shift coming up but hopefully it’ll be fine…

It is a biiiit more vibrant than I wanted but it should fade out really nicely, and I’m hoping for a pastel colour when I re-start full time work in 3 months. I had it all coloured at my hairdressers – very different from the home-bleach and dye jobs of my teens, but my hair is thanking me for it!

So, what do you think – of the cardigan, and of the hair?

47 thoughts on “Muse patterns: Jenna Cardi. I am in love!

  1. I love your hair! Seems like the same colour I had some years ago, nearly in the same age. And the most amazing is that I’ve been thinking recently to dye my hair again too.
    But sadly, I would have to do it while staying in my job, so I’m not sure…
    Oh, and the cardi, great too! 😉

    • Thanks! I don’t think I’ve had it this “red” before, it was always more of a pink (Hot Hot Pink from Manic Panic, usually. This stuff is “Fabuloso”). What do you do for a job? I’m doing a short-notice night shift tonight so will see how people take it…

      • Oh, my colour was “Poppy Red” by Directions. :)
        And I work as an architect. So it’s kind of creative sector, but all customers who visites the bureau would see me. I’m not sure if my boss would like that… 😉

  2. I love the cardigan-that’s exactly the pattern I need in my life too! What specialty are you entering? :) I love the hair as well, so much fun! I wish I could go that colour too but I don’t think I’d get away with it…

    • I’m going to be a GP! (General practitioner). I think the only way I’m going to get away with it at work is just to be super confident – like, completely ignore any weird looks I might get.

      I HIGHLY recommend this pattern!

  3. Love the hair and the cardigan! Great timing on the post. I’ve been scouring the cardi patterns for a couple of days now looking for just the right one and I think this might be it. I have a TNT pattern but that’s a bit flowy so for a more fitted look I’m off to purchase this one right now. Thanks for coming to the rescuer :)

  4. Argh, this is the cardigan pattern I have been looking for! Brilliant! I agree with you about the knitting, I’m attempting to knit a cardigan and its taking sooo looong…
    I think your hair maked you look like the little mermaid, especially with your fringe! Its awesome :)
    Kirsten recently posted…Bow ties are cool, ok?My Profile

    • God, I know. It feels SO GOOD right now not to have to go to work every day. I’m doing a night shift tonight, two shifts next week, and have been offered a week of work in a fortnight… and I’m just not sure whether to do it. It’s good money but as Mr. Guy said “what’s the point of being on holiday if you’re working the whole time?”
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Muse patterns: Jenna Cardi. I am in love!My Profile

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous, I hope you can keep it even after you go back to work. And the cardi is lovely – but I am pretty skeptical that you can really make it in an hour (including SIX buttonholes and buttons!?). I can see why you’d want a dozen of them. I’m so happy for Kat that this is going to be a huge success!

  6. This is literally the cardi pattern I’ve been looking for! Thank you for reviewing it. I bought it right away and can’t wait to sew it up. And oh I wish I could find some pretty merino jersey here in Sweden. It seems so nice and comfy, and perfect for our autumn.

  7. First off, I *LOVE* the hair! I wish I could do something like that (maybe purple?) But my job won’t let me.

    Also, I totally just bought the pattern. Super cute on you and I had to have it! I’ve been looking for a cardi for a while, but could never find any that I liked, that fit, and weren’t overly expensive.
    Amanda Renea recently posted…Gabriola Skirt in Look at Me RedMy Profile

  8. Zomg. Sophie-Lee, I don’t know which I love more: this cardigan or your hair. I already gushed on Facebook, I know, but you look fabulous in this color pink. It’s just perfect with your complexion and features! So, so cute.

    As for this cardigan, it’s perfect. The sky blue is gorgeous and the fit is so spot-on. Negative ease and cropped length are such a great combination! When this released, I just barely refrained from impulse buying it, but that’s about to change. If I can’t copy your hair, I’m definitely knocking off this cardi! 😉
    Mary Danielson recently posted…Miss Clara and the Many Happy Returns: McCall’s 6696My Profile

  9. Oh my goodness! Just the other day, I was just thinking that I need a cardigan pattern, and I see this on my bloglovin. I need this pattern! I was going to hack the Renfrew, but why when there’s a pattern! I don’t have to knit my cardigans anymore, Yay!

    Love, love! I love your new hair color by the way! You look amazing!

  10. OH my goodness, THIS is the cardi pattern I have been waiting for. I have the oldest, most threadbare RTW cardi that looks exactly like this (except for a v-neck) that I keep thinking I need to trace off. Now I don’t have to! I’m also very pleased to hear about the size range. Only problem is that my old/cheap machine can’t do buttonholes. Ugh. Maybe I can find one to borrow.

  11. Your hair is like a magical firecracker and you look like a kickass Disney princess. Also, once I dare venture into the scary world of knits, that cardigan will be one of my first projects. As you say, everything about it is perfect!
    Maria recently posted…The evolution of a haircutMy Profile

  12. It seems cardigans have been on everyones’ mind lately ( including mine). I work night shifts and it gets cold at night with the a/c on. I totally need this, but I might lengthen it to make ones for work ( cuz I can’t imagine that scrubs would look so cute with cropped cardigans). 😀
    Nicole recently posted…Moving On UpMy Profile

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  14. My first reaction (to your hair) was “oh no, you didn’t!” Sophie…it is very very cute, I love it because it makes you look bubbly and your eyes sparkle. I think you should keep it that color!!! Thumbs up…yes!!!

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