Tried and Truin’ it up

Another total winner: I am loving the Moneta dress by Colette patterns! You can find my first two versions here.

As I think I’ve mentioned, I’ve been a bit short on sewing time recently (understatement?) but on Sunday I was able to sew up TWO of these fine dresses. Ignoring my current fabric stash (including all the merino wanting to keep me warm) I took a trip to The Fabric Warehouse on Saturday where I found some  awesome patterned ponti’s, which seems to be incredibly rare in these parts.

A pre-wash and a dry in the sun and they were ready to go (although, probably I should have put it in the dryer so I won’t have any more shrinking mishaps should someone accidentally put them through. Next time!).

I honestly think I could have an entire wardrobe of these. Maybe people would notice, but who cares? They’re so quick to make up, look amazing, and don’t use a heck of a lot of fabric. I made this out of 1.5m of fabric (~140cm wide) even though the pattern calls for 2.4m of fabric – and this is lengthened from the original pattern. The lining and pockets for this version are made from scraps of fabric left over from my Mabel skirt.

This dress was so straightforward to make. I had already lengthened the skirt (I don’t like just-above-the-knee skirts) although I gave this a 4.5cm hem to bring it to the perfect height. Because of some neckline gape in my last two versions, I removed some – but not quite enough, apparently. It does appear that I need to take a dart out of the bust (tutorial here. The issue is more prominent in my next dress), and I think I have to shorten the bodice back – the elastic waist sits a bit too low for me (I’m stupidly conscious of it and I think this is half the reason I wear belts, so the waist sits at the perfect place!) and in photos I can now see some excess fabric. You can also see the waist dropping down at the back, which I think is probably due to my faux-sway back (caused by a big booty). I wonder if it’s worth cutting and sewing again, or just wearing it with a belt.

Y’all should know I wear my clothes before getting time photograph them; I wore this on my 15 hour shift yesterday, hence the wrinkles. I also got a great compliment from one of the ED doctors (who wear grey scrubs) “You look much too bright to be in here!” which I always take as a good sign, especially at 10.30 at night.

I would like to clear something up: a few people have completely ommitted the pockets from this dress without trying them out first. Of course it’s up to you, but I would encourage people to try them first, removing them if you really hate them – I’m not a big fan of pockets in knit dresses (my Tiramisu dress looked crazy) but these do quite well at staying hidden. From the side you can see them peeking through (probably largely to do with the different fabric used) but they don’t make my hips look larger than they are, at least, and they are COZY.

Especially when it’s damn cold in the morning as you’re walking to the bus stop. In the dark. Frosty. Brr.

Construction details: almost all of this is made on my overlocker. Which, annoyingly, seems to have a problem: the locking stitch must be too loose so when you pull the seams it looks like a ladder. I tried fiddling around with it but wasn’t able to fix it; hopefully resetting the tensions and re-threading from scratch will do the trick. Or putting on a heavier spool of thread, perhaps.

The bodice is lined with a black knit. Sleeves and hem are top-stitched with a too-narrow twin needle, which looks fine and has no tunneling (I have discovered that winding on the bobbin slowly/not at a cracking pace loosens the tension of the bobbin and reduces tunneling). I am annoyed by the pinching in the hem but I don’t look at that when I’m wearing it, so stuff it.


Pattern: Moneta by Colette Patterns

Fabric: Nylon/Viscose/Lycra knit from The Fabric Warehouse, 1.5 = $27

Notions: Elastic and thread, stash

Total: $27

With regards to the elastic – I haven’t got any clear elastic, but have HEAPS of 8mm wide white elastic, which I’ve used for all four versions (the fourth one will be posted in a few days). I thought this was awfully clever of me BUT I think you actually need the stiffness of the clear elastic that the pattern calls for, to keep the waist really snug – I have found mine loosening up significantly due to the weight of the skirt. If you do use a stretchier elastic, make it quite a lot snugger than the pattern suggests.


19 thoughts on “Tried and Truin’ it up

    • Thanks Tanya! I made another one staight after this and am trying to scope out other fabric in my stash… I think the only thing suitable is a black-with-spots which is excellent, but I think I want to jazz this pattern up a bit somehow!
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Tried and Truin’ it upMy Profile

  1. Looks great. I have a long sleeved Moneta cut out in what I think is exactly the same fabric from the Fabric Warehouse

  2. Beautiful colour and print! I’m so with you on sewing an entire wardrobe of Moneta dresses. Just made a lace one, aka secret pyama evening wear, recently worn to a ballet performance. So comfy! Just not convinced about the pockets, I prefer a cleaner line for the side seams. Can’t wait to see your next version!

    • I seem to think I get a reasonably clean line with these side seams – maybe I’m kidding myself, but for now I’m enjoying putting my hands in them too much to cut off the pockets 😀

      • Sorry! Wasn’t referring to your side seams in particular. I think it makes more sense to have pockets in a ponte knit dress than in lace, or very lightweight jersey (my first Moneta). But I confess I am guilty of omitting the pockets without trying, so I could be wrong!

  3. Such a pretty dress! I didn’t notice the pockets until you put your hands in them….they are nice!!! I usually skip all pockets, mainly because I use mostly knit fabrics and yes they do look crazy especially on the outside. Have you ever tried using an iron-on interfacing for pockets made out of a knit fabric? Like maybe a lightweight woven interfacing so they won’t stretch and get all wonky? I haven’t tried it. I have a Marcy Tilton pattern with huge pockets. I’ve been procrastinating because the fabric I bought is an ITY knit that stretches . a . lot and I have visions of saggy baggy pockets. There is plenty of fabric and I have both woven and non-woven interfacing…I’ll try it.
    Gosh…you don’t have a big booty!!! Would you want to be shaped like one of the trees behind you? Where the waist drops down in the back…I’d make an adjustment for that on the next dress, but leave this one alone and yes wear with a belt if you’re conscious of it.

    • I haven’t tried interfacing for pockets, no! I’d be worried my hands would go straight through them. I have interfaced the opening for the pockets (called for in the Tiramisu pattern by Cake) and I didn’t like it.

      I’ve made another one, fixing the waist and it’s MUCH more comfortable.
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Tried and Truin’ it upMy Profile

  4. What a cute dress! I love the print. I think I need to get this pattern and make a bunch of Monetas for fall. Thanks for the tip about the elastic – I will most likely use a softer elastic, so that’s good to know.
    Chantal recently posted…Summer is here!My Profile

    • I just made another one, and for the elastic I just put some around my waist and pulled it as tight as I felt comfortable with (snug, but not digging in) and it’s MUCH better!

  5. Almost you persuade me to try a Moneta dress. I’m not a fan of knit fabrics but this one looks super. Perhaps even I could manage this one successfully? I shall go to The Fabric Store in Auckland for inspiration. You look superb and I love the pockets.

  6. I´m on my second Moneta, and have the exact same drop at the back. Altered it on version two and it does make a big difference, but not enough to make me take apart my first version. Belts all the way!

  7. This style looks gorgeous on you! I have just made one for myself but getting photos is always tricky!! I left out the pockets as I worry about adding to my hips(!) but I see they work well on your dress.
    Wendy recently posted…Inspired to makeMy Profile

    • I was somewhat surprised that the pockets are fine! And yes, I hardly ever have time for photos… I leave for work when it’s dark and get home in the dark, and I’m often working weekends. I only got those photos because I went home sick from work!
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Tried and Truin’ it upMy Profile

  8. Hi Sophie-Lee

    I am really tempted by the Moneta pattern but have struggled to find the right fabric – its sometimes hard to know whether something will be too stretchy/clingy/not right in some other way! I love the colour of your dress.

    i really enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster

    Please feel free not to do the questions if you have already had one of these!

    Louise recently posted…My First Liebster Award!My Profile

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