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During Me Made May I really noticed a lack of loungewear in my wardrobe. I didn’t really have any clothes I could slouch around in, and I have this idea that I shouldn’t “waste” a great outfit if i’m not leaving the house, so I don’t want to wear my pretty stuff. When Papercut Patterns released their three new patterns (and re-released a few older patterns), I was initially disappointed until I realised that these kinds of pattern are exactly what I’ve been missing!

Pictured here is the Undercover Hood and the Anima Pants. I couldn’t really be happier with these garments (except that Mr. Guy accidentally put them both in the dryer and subsequently the legs and arms are slightly too short!! Trying not to be mad). The hoodie is made from a super stretchy and comfortable cotton sweatshirting that I bought from Centrepoint Fabrics in Auckland where I met up with the lovely Michelle from Every Stitch Thought Out.

I decided to line the hood so that I still got a bit of “flare” in an otherwise plain black hoodie. I’ve used a woven cotton which doesn’t impact on the use of the hood at all, luckily. I used some scrap binding on the wrists, making the bands tighter to account for the stretchier binding (although I could make it even tighter). I used self-fabric for the hem band, although I would prefer binding and would have used some if I’d had more. For reference I cut a size M tapering out to XL in the hips, the length is good for me but I’m pretty tall (178cm) so keep that in mind if you make this pattern. If I was going to wear it with anything other than pants, even I’d want it shorter.

The pants are the Anima Pants pattern made in a thick merino-lycra blend – originally bought to make my mum some leggings but it’s too thick for that. These trackpants are NICE. I cut an XL and tapered to a M in the waist. Again, keep in mind that these have shrunk a bit in the dryer (poooos).

They’re quite a low-rise pant, which I thought I would hate but actually they’re better than if they were high-rise. The elastic doesn’t cut in so they just sit nicely on my hips. And speaking of elastic – the pattern has a really interesting way of doing the waistband so the seam is totally enclosed. It was quite a faff so mine is really messy but I’ll be able to do it better next time I’m sure. I didn’t do the waistband top-stitching

Please excuse the scummy slippers, the dog ate them and I haven’t got around to buying new ones yet.

Along with the hoodie and trackpants, I also bought the Ohh La Leggings. I made these up in a lighter-weight merino-lycra from Levana, and which I got for crazy cheap ($15/m). Once I put these on I really didn’t want to take them off!

I’m not a big Leggings Wearer – I normally wear ballet flats and hate the flats-with-leggings look with bare feet showing, so I’ve always worn stockings. But, really, you can’t beat merino leggings! I made these in an XL, tapering to size M at the waist, and they fit although I’m certain I need to alter the pattern a bit, as the front and back seam don’t sit dead center. I also find that the yoke seams sit much further down than they do in the photos, and I’m not sure how to fix that.

I’m really looking forward to making some of these into running leggings – if anyone has any idea where to buy suitable fabric (especially in New Zealand), please let me know! My running leggings are getting very old.

All in all I’m extremely happy with my new loungewear! I reach for these trackpants as soon as I get home from work, and the hoodie is the warmest garment I own (yes, I need to make a coat!!). I’m going to have to fiddle with the pants now that they’ve shrunk (lengthening and tightening the cuffs, maybe) but hey, still comfortable!

It’s taken me a while to get around to sewing every-day comfortable loungewear, I guess because it’s not that exciting. Not exciting until you ONLY wear me-made stuff and you have a huge gaping hole where your unabashed comfort should live. Do you wish to make or already make your own loungewear/casual clothes?


Patterns: Undercover Hoodie, Anima Pants, Ohh La Leggings from Papercut Patterns

Fabric: Hoodie: Stretch cotton 1.5m $40; Pants: Merino-lycra blend, 1.5m approx $45; Leggings: Merino-lycra blend, 2m $30

Notions: Elastic, thread: stash

Total: $40, $45, $30

16 thoughts on “Loungewear by Papercut

  1. I know exactly what you mean about ‘wasting’ good outfits if they’re only going to worn in the house! I think your comfy looking hoodie and leggings look great. (I’m with you on the ballet flats, bare feet and leggings look btw!) I haven’t tried any Papercut patterns yet but I must, very soon. Best wishes

    • Ahh they are so comfortable, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to wear the trackpants out of the house any more – Guy pointed out that because they have shrunk vertically, they are a bit… revealing of the backside, ha. And yes I HIGHLY recommend Papercut Patterns – you can buy them from The Fabric Store for the same price as her website, if you don’t want to wait for shipping 😉

  2. I love Papercut: I like you was a tad sad when i saw the new patterns and then made the anima pants. I L.O.V.E them. Made 3/4 ones a couple of weeks ago as i was walking the 1/2 marathon and wanted pants with pockets: perfect :) My waistband topstiching…..lets just say i’m pleased my top cover it!

  3. Oh yeah, Papercut loungewear is fabulous! I just dug out some fabric tonight for my second pair of Anima pants and a couple of pairs of Ooh La Leggings. Can’t wait to be able to wear ’em all, so super comfy, and with the design they seem far less casual than classic track pants or the like, yippie! 😀
    Kat recently posted…Circling around and aroundMy Profile

    • I realised this morning that I have some nice stretchy ponte that would make some great Anima pants. I want to make more Ohh La leggings but don’t have the fabric – I have merino but want some with lycra, and I REALLY want some sportwear type fabric
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Loungewear by PapercutMy Profile

    • Thanks! I LOVE this fabric, it’s exactly the right colours for me. I actually have a dress half made that just didn’t work out like I wanted it to, I should really get around to pulling it apart and starting again
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Loungewear by PapercutMy Profile

  4. Your hoody’s great and I love the lining in the hood (I need to remember that when I sew it). And I feel better now that you mention the messy elasticated waist as mine is really messy too and was really unhappy with myself. Still, they are really comfortable, and I can always wear a top over the waist.

    • Next time I’m going to do a completely different method – I like how it’s supposed to end up without visible overlocking at the inside seam, but I really don’t mind that and would prefer it looking tidy all over!

      And yes, mine are definitely at-home pants only since they were shrunk in the dryer D:

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