Another Moneta

I hope you’re not getting sick of this pattern, because I made another Moneta dress. And, erm, I have another one I haven’t photographed yet! This is my fourth version, and my favourite so far.

I actually made this about an hour after my last one. The fabric was bought from The Fabric Warehouse, and is a thick ponte with slightly less stretch than my purple version. In the store this fabric looked black, but is actually a very dark navy flecked with colour:

So it doesn’t detract from my hardly-any-black wardrobe, which is not so much intentional as, it’s not exciting to buy black fabric.I probably have about 4 black items in total, not including old singlet tops that I sleep in.

I made this exactly the same as my last version; I made the changes for the armhole “dart” after making this (it’s a bit more obvious in this firmer fabric). So it’s the original Moneta pattern +12cm on the hem, and lengthened sleeves. As I mentioned above, I think this is my favourite version so far (even accounting for the most recent one), followed closely by my floral version which I’m wearing today – nothing like easy elegance to help recover from a 30 hour weekend!

This doesn’t have as much issue with the waistline sagging as my other version, probably because of the firmer fabric.

I’d also like to point out how AMAZING my stockings are. They’re some fancy normally-extremely-expensive brand that I got for cheap a year or so ago. I need to start writing stocking brands down, as I can never remember them (or the size) once I’ve worn them a few times and they haven’t ripped.

The whole dress is constructed with my overlocker, using my regular machine and a twin needle for the skirt and sleeve hems. I stabilised the shoulder seams (of the shell fabric only) with scrap knit fabric, and the bodice is lined with left-over black knit fabric. I really like how nice the lining works – I had never though to line a knit garment before, but it really helps with the “smoothness” or the garment as well as keeping the insides nice and tidy.

For those who are interested, and I mentioned it in my last post – even with the extra length, I only needed 1.5m of fabric. This was 150cm wide and I still have 20-30cm of length left over, and the pockets are the shell material. Contrast this with the 2 5/8 yards of recommended fabric – I could get almost two dresses from that! I’ve been meaning to write down the exact yardage I need for my most-used patterns (although I guess I know from memory that my Gertie skirt only needs 0.8-1m, depending on where I’m buying the fabric from (TFS will always give me extra, I love those girls)) so I don’t have to buy extra.

Do you tend to buy how much fabric the pattern suggests, or do you work it out first? And if the former – what do you do with the bits left over??

Jessie was grazing like her cow friends the whole time I took these photos.


Pattern: Moneta by Colette Patterns

Fabric: Navy speckled ponte from TFW, 1.5m = $24

Notions: Thread, elastic, shoulder stabilizer = stash

Total: $24


14 thoughts on “Another Moneta

    • I know! I’ve already done a really easy mod of the pattern, giving it a princess neck + yoke, and I plan to do another mod to create a cowl neck. It’s such a good starting point for other knit dresses!
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Another MonetaMy Profile

  1. Hello there! I just wanted to let you know that I love seeing your Monetas, your lovely dresses are part of the reason I finally bought the pattern to try.

    I find myself unable to buy less than the recommended amount of fabric, I just can’t be a rebel on that one, even when I know it can’t possibly use that much fabric. My excess fabric either gets made into something else for me (where it was really off) or goes into an increasingly large pool of fabric for my children (for clothes, toys, gifts or just playing with). I should probably just toss what I am not going to use, but it seems so wasteful!

    • Thanks, Erin! I’m such a stinge on fabric buying so I often buy less than the stated amount, though I always get fearful when I lay the fabric out – I almost though I wasn’t going to get my first one out of 1.5m. A bit of juggling and it was fine though – for wovens it’s often easier to cut on the flat but the moneta has everything cut on the fold so there’s not as much point (I cut the skirt pieces first then rearrange the rest to do the bodice pieces)

      If I had kids to sew for it might be different, but I have nothing to make smaller than my own clothes!

  2. It looks great on you!
    How much fabric I get depends a bit on who made the pattern. If it is a new designer I’ll get the recommended amount. If I already know I usually end up with a huge piece left over I’ll have a close look at the pattern and see how much I probably can get away with. I love to beat the fabric layout! Left-overs from knit fabrics usually turn into baby t-shirts as presents for new parents.
    Emmely recently posted…Completed: Shopping bagMy Profile

    • I know already that Colette hugely overestimates the yardage. If I know what the pattern pieces look like/have made it before, I can often work out the yardage needed with the girls at the fabric stores. I know leftover knits can be used for undies but often it’s not suitable fabric!

  3. How lovely you look, Sophie-Lee – tres chic! Whilst plain fabrics feel a bit “meh” when I buy them, I nearly always find they’re the garments I like best once made up. Weird, huh? But then, I AM a “lady of a certain age”; classic-with-a-twist suits me best now. Well done with this make!

    • Ugh, I know – I need to MAKE myself buy more plain fabrics because I do wear them all the time!! The Fabric Store is having a 40% off sale this week and I’ve saved up a bit of money so will try and make sure I get mostly plain colours (even if they’re bright green/blue/purple!) and blacks/navy’s. I end up with too much clashing in my wardrobe so I can only wear x skirt with 2-3 tops, or vice versa.
      Sophie-Lee recently posted…Another MonetaMy Profile

    • Yay! I look forward to seeing your versions if you do make them. I have fabric to make two more versions but trying to think how to embellish them so I don’t have 10 versions of the exact same dress.

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