Curvy Colette #2: Show Me the Moneta’s!

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Welcome to my second post for the Curvy Colette blog tour. This time, I’m here with their new dress pattern, the Moneta. This is a simple, but cleverly designed knit dress but 5 extra collar options. Readers, this dress is rad.

When I got the Tiramisu dress by Cake Patterns, I thought “this is it! Comfortable dress that looks good” and planned to make a heap. After making it twice (the first had poor fabric choice, the second got stained somehow on the first day I wore it) I realised that the shape/design didn’t really suit me – the bias skirt made my hips cu-razy (especially with the pockets) and for the seams to sit in the right place the mid panel would have to be 15cm long, which looks odd. So without a pattern, I’ve been sewing purely woven dresses. Until the Moneta.
The pattern has a fitted bodice, shaped quite differently from other knit bodices I’ve seen, short- or long- sleeves, and a gathered skirt with in-seam pockets, which because of the fuller skirt are hidden well.
This version is made from a knit I bought at last years Fabric-a-Brac, I’m not sure of the content but it feels like a viscose, heavy but quite thin. I had just enough of the fabric and couldn’t fit on sleeves, and thought a collar would be too busy so I went with the plain sleeveless version. It’s lined with leftover “ponti” from my Mabel skirt (which is, in fact, the perfect weight for a bodice lining, go figure).
Size cut: I cut the size L in the bust and waist and an XL in the hips.
Changes made: Thinking this might be a bit short on me, I added 10cm to the length. This was TOO much length to add, when I tried it on before hemming it looked… weird. I did a 3cm hem (just zig-a-zag ahh’d) but it could be a couple of cm shorter.
Things to change next time: Because the bodice is drafted for sleeves, when I made it sleeveless the shoulder seams are a bit too far over – which I think is the reason why I have some gape at the front. Next time I make it sleeveless I’ll narrow the shoulder a bit and see if that helps. I also felt that the waist seam was a touch too high so I lengthened the bodice 1.5cm.
Now because I had so much success with this first one, and only kind of because The Monthly Stitch’s April challenge is “Sew Double”, I quickly made up another version, this time with my favourite collar:
This version is made from a merino-viscose blend from The Fabric Store. I had initially bought it to make another Sew Over It Wrap Dress, but I hadn’t got around to it yet, and my stash knows that my plans are only solid until another plan comes to mind. Annoyingly, the stripes are completely off-grain (by about 20-30 degrees) – when cutting the skirts I had thought I made them straight, but they shifted (silly for cutting on the fold). Luckily it’s not very obvious (small stripes and gathered skirt) but I had to be a lot more careful when cutting the bodice/sleeves/collar.
This version has the added 1.5cm length to the bodice, so I don’t know if that was too much fabric (amazing how 8mm will make such a difference with comfort) or if it’s because the fabric seems to have stretched vertically a bit – the hem feels a bit longer than it did when I first made it.
Other than that, this dress is so good. The collar is cute as, even if Jessie-Dog got excited when we were playing and somehow bit a hole in it, meaning I have to tie it weirdly. It’s a thin merino wool which means it’s appropriate for all seasons. Because it’s thin and extra stretchy it does show bra straps etc which is annoying but I can live with that.
What else to say? These photos were taken on our anniversary weekend again (this time with crappy weather) – the first is in the harbour of Okiato, a tiny town that was New Zealand’s first ever capital before it was shifted to Auckland in 1841 (later moved to our current capital, Wellington, for political reasons). There was also some FLASH houses there. The second dress was photographed at Flagstaff, where the British flag was cut down 4 times in protest against colonisation. We also got to see where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, which was cool.
Fabric: Houndstooth knit from Fabric-a-brac, $5, leftover knit for lining. Merino-viscose knit from The Fabric Store, $45
Notions: Thread, interfacing and elastic from stash (I used picot elastic because it’s all I had but I don’t think it’s quite strong enough)
Total: $5 and $45

34 thoughts on “Curvy Colette #2: Show Me the Moneta’s!

  1. Great job with your Monetas …. Especially the version with the tie collar (now at the top of my pile of my to do list). I’m quite sad now we’re reaching the last few days of the Curvy Sewing Collective’s Curvy Colette Blog Tour. Looking forward to seeing Mary’s makes tomorrow. Once it’s finished we must make plans to do it all again …. Soon! 😉

  2. These look great on you! The hem is a nice length on you actually, ending where the calf curves in under the knee.
    I too love that collar, and have just attempted making it myself. It’s taking a bit of fiddling to work out how to knot it for me, but hopefully mine will look as chic and stylish as yours does by the time I’m finished.
    GORGEOUS fabric too!

    • Thanks Nessa! The red one I think sits at the right place (exactly wher eyou say – where the calf curves in) but the grey one is a bit longer, but I guess it’s to do with the fabric stretching more than the length of the skirt. I still haven’t quite figured out the best way to tie it so it doesn’t look fussy

  3. These look fantastic on you, Soph! I am absolutely in love with that plaid fabric. It’s the perfect dress for fall layering! Also, that collar looks killer, dog bite or no. It’s such a chic look.

  4. love that houndstooth knit (it goes great with the shoes and would look good with a black long sleeved top underneath) and the collar on the merino one is so cute.

  5. Both dresses are lovely and I liked your skirts in the previous post too. I had a quick shop this morning trying to find a knit for a Moneta, no luck so far!

    • It’s annoying how difficult nice knits can be to buy – one of our local fabric shops only ever has 1-2 ponte’s in stock. Another one has a whole wall of knits but most aren’t what I’m after (so many are polyester, or too thin, or cotton with poor recovery). Good luck finding something suitable!

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  7. I love your Monetas. I wasn’t really coveting this pattern so much until I saw your dresses. Thank you from me but not so much from my bank account!

  8. Wow, these are both so gorgeous! I never ever wear knit dresses as I fear they’re too clingy, but I bought this pattern to make for my sister. Seeing yours I’m tempted to try one for myself, too! You look so lovely in both of these!

    • Thanks Ginger! I think the lining makes a huge difference in the clinginess, my red one has lining and smooths all the bodice bumps; the grey one isn’t lined and it’s a bit more revealing. And the skirt being gathered makes it a bit less likely too – you should try it!

  9. Both versions are really nice! I really like the fabric of the first one. It makes me think I should try one version with houndstooth… I really like the second version too, the collar is so cute!

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  14. You did quite a lovely job on both of these. I sewed my first moneta today without sleeves and now will do a short sleeve version. I’m wondering if you lined your top as in version 1. Is rather not. I love the added length as well. Gorgeous.

    • Thanks Joni! I didn’t line the merino one but all my other versions are lined, even the ones with sleeves – that way the knit fabric doesn’t show all my lumps and bumps so much!

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