Sewing with family

Earlier this weekone of my brothers asked if I could help him make some shorts. I initially thought he meant “proper” shorts (like I have lined up for Mr. Guy out of Thread Theory’s Jedediah Trousers), but he actually meant elastic waist band, comfortable summer shorts. Sigh of relief!

ImageI took him to spotlight as I knew we would find the novelty fabric he was after at the nicer fabric shops. We found this cotton duck with the drills and were sold. I actually have enough for a matching skirt – we will be so cool.

ImageWe made these out of Simplicity 7073, and old pattern I must have got at an op shop aaages ago, an “easy essentials” pattern with some awesome styling on the cover. We made it all up in one go then found that the crotch was remarkably low, and he had wanted shorty shorts; in the end I had to remove the waist band, un-stitch the pockets, and take 9cm off the top of the pattern in order to lift up the crotch; this made the legs the right length as well.


A warning about elastic waistbands: when removing the elastic from the casing in a hurry, wear safety goggles or at least avert your eyes. Yes, I got hit right in the eye with elastic, probably with a similar force to someone punching me in the face. This, added to the devastation I felt hearing that The Fabric Store had sold all of the lace I had been planning to buy (I only wanted half a metre!!!), meant for a grumpy Sophie.


We didn’t think too much (at all) about the pencil placement, but I’m not too worried. Ollie did the majority of the construction himself (I did the curved seams of the pockets, and all the overlocking) which is pretty darned good for a total beginner!


Pattern: Simplicity “easy essentials” 7073

Fabric: Cotton duck from Spotlight, 1.5m at $11.89/m (after 30% off) = $17.80

Notions: thread and elastic, stash

Total: $17.80

At the same time we were sewing, Ollie and Mr. Guy were making a brew of beer. Ollie has recently gotten really into it, which is good for the rest of us. This brew is a nutty brown ale, and should be ready for drinking in 6 weeks. Hopefully in two weeks (after it goes into bottles) “the boys” (Mr Guy, Ollie and another brother Jack) will make another brew.


5 thoughts on “Sewing with family

  1. Oh Sophie I laughed so loudly MrC had to look at the photo of your bro. I told him he wouldn’t get what was so funny, It’s just that he looks SO much like you, in a completely blokey, beardy way that you of course aren’t!

  2. These are so, so cute! I love that your brother has fun with his clothes and didn’t want a plain color like so many men would choose. I’m glad you bought enough to make a skirt, too!

    • Yep we’re two peas in a pod! And will be certain to wear matching outfits at the same time, in public, because we’re cool like that (just like when Mum dresses us in matching red tartan clothes when we were kids)

  3. Very impressive for a beginner and the pencil-placement is hilarious! Enjoy your brew and looking forward to that other pencil-skirt (form or print or maybe even both?) you will be making. Hope you snap a pic with your brother in his shorts and you in your skirt!

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